16/01/2022 Rushmoor vs BSLFC Res

Match Report
Rushmoor Community vs BSLFC Res (league) 16/1/22

We travelled up the M27 to take on top of the league Rushmoor for our first away game back of 2022. Sitting top and always giving us a very tough game we were expecting another tough day out.

The pitch was very wet which made any sort of football very difficult, the pace of the wide attacking Rushmoor players causing issues for our defence and a lack of recognised central midfielders in our squad making it difficult for us to play our usual way meant we could be in for a long afternoon.

The first clear chance went to Rushmoor after 15 minutes through one on one we had Hillier to thank for making a great save with her legs.

It took almost 30 minutes for us to carve out half a chance, Bradford cut inside from the left, Curtin picked up the ball and laid off to Gard who could only slice the ball wildly in the air from the edge of the box.

Shortly after Rushmoor were through again and missed clearance by Orton saw them race away but Hilliers legs were there to block the effort again as she rushed out to keep it 0-0.

A corner for us at 36mins gave us another half chance, it went all the way through the box for Lander to put it back into the box but Plummer couldn’t get to the ball at close range before it was cleared away near the line.

As we approached half time we seemed to have embraced a more direct route and when Plummer raced with two defenders from our clearance it looked like it might be the best way. Unfortunately she won the race but couldn’t find the finish.

16 sarah great save with her legs on 1 on 1
27 Daisy through cut inside, Demi got ball laid off to em, sliced up in the air ??‍♂️??‍♂️
30 fab misses clearance they’re through but sarah saves with her legs.
36 our corner played through Abi puts in the air, dropped but rocket can’t get to it before it’s cleared.
43 rocket through from clearance, took on the two defenders in foot race through but couldn’t find the finish

Ht 0-0

We changed to a more direct style and formation at half time as we tried to avoid playing through the middle of a pretty wet pitch.

It seemed to be working early as we got a few chances but we just couldn’t get a clear chance to work the Rushmoor Gk.

63 minutes on the clock and it was fellow member of the BSLFC GK Union that kept our clean sheet. Owen as a defender used her GK instinct to cover Hillier blocking a good effort on the line which fell kindly into Hilliers hands.

3 minutes later Hillier had to save with her feet as Rushmoor went through 1 on 1 again.

We weren’t playing well and our lack fluency was offsetting any amount of effort that we put in. Finally with 12 minutes to go the deadlock was broken and Hillier was beaten. A corner in to the front post was met by an unchallenged header from close range and Rushmoor had the lead.

We reacted by throwing on more strikers, and it was time for a new club record for youngest player. Having already been beaten by Keira earlier in the season it was the turn of one of her previous Bournemouth Sports under 16 team mates, Sadie West, to set an unbeatable record. Having a 16th birthday on a Sunday does have its perks and having cancelled her party to be at what is our furthest away game (without a ferry) shows the kind of dedication we appreciate.

We finished the game in a very unusual 3124 formation as we pushed everyone up. It almost paid off with 2 minutes to go, the ball fell to Plummer who it met it at speed on her weaker left foot about 12 yds out. Unfortunately, the connection was too good and the ball sailed over the bar and into the distance. It was a difficult chance but like the whole game we were only getting scraps.

That was that and despite a few minutes added to the end we just couldn’t find a way through a very tough defence.

Player of the match went to Demi Curtin who was an absolute machine working box to box on a very heavy pitch.

Rory went to Paige Owen who I’m beginning to think just enjoys the costume. Managing to turn up for her lift to the game without any of her kit so we had to go back for it ??‍♂️ it’s a good job we love GKs here at sports.

Managers player went to Faith Nhemachena who was solid at right back against a very winger.

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