Report | BSLFC Res vs Bursledon

After last week’s 7-1 free flowing victory, this 0-0 draw was a stark reminder that teams in this league won’t all roll over for us at Chapel Gate. Despite 22 hard-working players on the pitch, the game simply didn’t have any spark to it. Even the few good chances in the game at both ends were squandered rather than requiring any excellence from either goalkeeper.

I don’t think dwelling to hard on the game has merit. I’m just glad for more minutes in the legs, a valuable point, and ultimately, no injuries against a tough, organised yet borderling cynical side.

Players player unsurprisingly went to a defender, with Fabio showing a good display on and off the ball.

Managers player went to Acott for an energetic and brave display regardless of how many times Bursledon took turns to chop her down.

Faith harshly got Rory when herself being felled by another nasty Bursledon tackle had had enough and quite formally appealed for sanity.

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