Ascot vs BSLFC

We were once again on the road for our 4th away game in the 5 October game weeks. Having not conceded in October and scoring 22 goals we were in high spirits to face top of the league.

It was a quiet first 10, Ascot clearly comfortable to play out from the back and Sports setting up to keep it tight to start with.

A mis-clearance by Yeo gave them a chance on 13 but defensive duo of Davis (block) and Norman (clearance) kept them at bay.

2 minutes later and it was Ascot threatening again, narrowly beating Norman to a 50/50 ball on the halfway line they released their centre forward into our half with only Chrippes to beat. Davis showed great speed to dispossess them about 25yds away from goal though.

20 minutes on the clock and it was our chance with some simple route one play, Lauren released through the middle from a long Chrippes kick. She tried to loop it over the outrushing Ascot GK who made a good save before clattering Brewer just outside the box. The ref awarded us a free kick with some confusion around if it was for handball outside the box or a foul on Brewer who then couldn’t get to the rebound. Either way no cards awarded. Miles hit the free kick just wide aiming bottom left.

We lost Yeo to a knee injury just after the 25 minute mark, hopefully we see her back soon!

We then grew into the half, keeping the ball and defending comfortably without being able to carve open Ascot who were incredibly well organised. When we did get chances from corners the GKs bravery in clearing them was a constant frustration.

We had a flurry of decent chances near the end of the half, a good miles cross on 39 just couldn’t be met by any body in the box and bounced through, collected by Eden who wriggled her way along the by line and cut back to Folkenstern. Unfortunately, her momentum carried her past the ball.

Folkenstern was able to get on the ball 2 minutes into injury time though, a clever ball by Shaw gave her a chance which was well hit but equally well saved and out for another corner.

We were far from our best, but credit to Ascot who were definitely playing their part in stifling us.

The conditions worsened in the second half, wind and rain was really settling in and it was going to take serious character to keep the game going.

It was a strange half in which we kept pushing further up to get the breakthrough which left us exposed at the back to a quick counterattack.

This gave ascot some very good chances to win the game. 63 minutes they played between our CBs and had a clear one on one which Chrippes, who has rarely had to be called on this season, had to be at her very best to close down and block the shot for a corner.

5 minutes later it was almost a repeat of the previous chance, this time they shot earlier and she dived full stretch to her right to palm away a very good effort.

2 minutes later and they were in down the right this time but fired into the side netting.

It was a wobbly 10 minutes for us, but we’d survived thanks to our GK proving just why she was the best in her league last season. We continued to frustrate them after this, and the refs lack of action in regards to cards started to take its toll on the game with tired and frustrated tackles getting worse. Brewer kept trying to get in behind them and was actually punched by a defender with 7 minutes to go. Unfortunately with no official assistants being assigned to the game and the ref following the ball, as she should, it went unpunished.

The game died as a real contest last 5 with free kicks making up the majority of the final part the game.

Players player went to Lauren who came away with a few bruises but never stopped running up top and was a constant thorn in their side.

Managers player end to Sam Chrippes for her part in the 0-0

Rory went to Faye Hawkins who was lucky manager Ricky keeps some spare kit in the car!

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