Sunday 9th July 2023 – Womens Tournament

  1. The competition shall be known as ‘Bournemouth Sports Ladies Football Tournament’.
  2. The competition will be held at Bournemouth Electric Football Club, 115 Broadway Lane, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 0AA
  3. The competition will consist of open age womens teams only.
  4. Entry cost per team will be £100. This is payable in advance and refundable providing 7 days notice is given. Each team, plus manager and coach will receive 1 food and drink voucher each on the day.
  5. Payment to be made to; Bournemouth Sports Ladies FC; 30-96-26, 44832760.
  6. Teams must register via Whatsapp by 09:30 on the day of the event.
  7. Teams will play 6-a-side format and may register up to 10 players per team.
  8. In accordance with FA law, all players must wear shin pads, and all jewellery must be removed.
  9. The competition will be decided as per set format – details found here.
  10. Results must be sent by both team managers in the whatsapp group.
  11. All games will be 10 minutes long with no half time, unless otherwise stated.
  12. The offside rule will not apply.
  13. the back pass rule will apply.
  14. Goalkeepers must not dropkick the ball into open play, they may throw, or kick the ball from the ground only. Goal kicks must be taken from the goal line.
  15. An indirect free kick will be awarded for a back pass. All other free kicks are direct. Defending players must be 5 yards away from the ball or on the goal line. All other FA laws apply.
  16. Any player who received a blue card (sin bin) caution will leave the pitch for 2 minutes. The offending player may not be subbed or replaced during this time.
  17. A red card may be issued for the following: receiving a second blue card in the same game (1 match suspension). Denying a goal scoring opportunity (1 match suspension). Use of offensive, abusive or insulting language/gestures (2 match suspension). Attempting to kick or strike another player, violent conduct or serious foul play (3 match suspension).
  18. All teams must ensure they are ready to play at least 3 minutes before the scheduled kick off time. Late arrival may result in their game being awarded a 0-0 win to the opposition.
  19. The ‘home’ team for each match will be deemed to be that which appears first in the fixture. They will take kick off and must supply a match ball.
  20. The ‘away’ team will choose which end they’d like to play and must provide a change of shirt of bibs in the event of a kit clash.
  21. In the event of a draw in the ‘Head to Head’ round of the tournament – the higher level team will go into League 1 and the lower level team will go into League 2.
  22. If teams are level on points after the league aspect has been completed the final standings will be decided on goal difference. If goal difference is the same, then the league game result between the two sides will be the deciding factor. If this game was a draw then a penalty shootout will decide the winner. Each team will take 5 penalties each, followed by sudden death.
  23. QF/SF and the Final will all last 10 minutes following the above rules. If the game ends in a draw a penalty shootout will decide the winner. 5 penalties each followed by sudden death.
  24. Winners of the cup and plate to each receive £100 prize money.
  25. The referee will be the sole arbiter of all decisions, time keeping and all points of dispute.
  26. The tournament committee will intervene where necessary
  27. The tournament committee decision is final.
  28. All food and drink must be consumed according to the rules of the ground. Alcohol may be consumed in designated drinking zones only. Any player deemed intoxicated will no longer be allowed to take part in the tournament.

Bournemouth Sports and Bournemouth Electric club do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any property during any part of the tournament. Children must be supervised at all times.

Please note: Personal BBQs are not permitted. There will be a ZERO tolerance policy on violence and drug use.